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Ten Reasons to choose Acqua SPA

  1. 1.to entrust the construction of your pool to technicians and experts in the field, on the market for decades, always looking for innovative and reliable solutions to advise you and accompany you in the realization of your dream;

  2. 2. because it means relying on a solid, stable company with an important historicity (there are hundreds of pools built), with a dynamic and organized structure, always ready to meet the needs of customers;

  3. 3. because it has a show room in which it is possible to view and choose the finishing materials and an assorted and continuously stocked warehouse;

  4. 4. to be sure to rely on technicians and operators who are constantly updated even on the latest applied and applicable regulations, as well as being able to certify internally, as requested by the D.M. 37/08, the realizations carried out;

  5. 5. the staff of Acqua SPA technicians are always available to customers, the works are followed and supervised at all stages of the construction site to ensure compliance with the quality standards promised and excellent results;

  6. 6. because Acqua SPA guarantees your pool with a ten-year posthumous guarantee, unique in its sector, which further protects its customers over time;

  7. 7. because being an official partner of primary suppliers of components in the swimming pool sector, it offers the best value for money;

  8. 8. because it is the only company in the area able to offer a turnkey service, starting from the feasibility study, from the municipal authorization practice (through the internal engineering study), we also offer the after sales service

  9. 9. because it offers its potential customers a free inspection which will be followed by a detailed estimate with different options of choice and the ability to always touch the proposed materials;

  10. 10. because the pool is a durable good and a plant and once realized is not easily "normalized", the choice of the right partner is of fundamental importance.

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Dieci motivi per scegliere Acqua SPA